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Hello, my name is Jens.

When I started my advertising carreer at Scholz & Friends in Hamburg in 1997 there were more black suits in agencies then on state funerals and christmas partys had higher budgets than the annual revenues of middle-class businesses.


There were no copywriter schools back then, so I learned everything from absolute scratch. Like coming up with an idea, writing it down, visualizing and then presenting it to clients like Lufthansa, BMW and Telekom.


Three years later I joined Springer & Jacoby – the famous agency everybody outside of S&J condemned, because everything they did seemed so effortlessly amazing. There I realized that it does take some damn effort – and up to a hundred drafts to write a Mercedes-Benz copy my CD finally didn´t hate. I also found out how rewarding it is to work with the smartest in the industry, especially after picking Konstantin Jacoby´s brain in Palma de Mallorca.


After another three years it was time to move on and at the end of a long summer pondering about my future with a dog in my campervan I moved to Berlin. Aimaq Rapp Stolle was quite the opposite of the well-oiled machine Springer & Jacoby: different, exciting and new, but also chaotic, somewhat offhand, unpredictable – and therefor just like Berlin.


I made friends for life in this city and the decision that freelancing is next. I loved how that took away the paralyzing security of a monthly pay check. Working for a backyard shop on one day and for the world´s biggest brands on the next is something I really love. Just like creating client relationships without a maniac GM in my back who craves a new 911 every year. I just like to be a creative, a problemsolver and a consultant. And after 14 years of doing just that I´m amazed by the fact that I´m still happy about it.


My primary focus in the last couple of years included copywriting, concept development, creative strategy, handling pitches, presentations and day-to-day business for creative agencies, as well as localizing work for Apple. About 90% of my work is confidential, so I rarely end up with a shiny case video, a 60“ commercial for my reel or credits in award books. I´m the unknown stuntman. But I´m fine.


I live in Hamburg, Germany with my girlfriend, our two fantastic kids and a dog. I like to live and work here as much as I like to work everywhere else on the planet. If you´d like to know more about me, availability, partners or rates – just call me or send me an email.


Thanks, Jens.