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I´m connected to Apple ever since they launched the iPhone. Back then their agency mediaartslab wanted someone who understood the world´s most valuable brand and the task of transcreating campaigns in a local market, dealing with cultural relevancies and legal barriers while maintaining their core perception. As the only German creative on that 2007 launch I learned what a weekly meeting with Steve Jobs can do to your blood pressure (and weirdly enjoyed it). And so we scripted and shot around 75 tv spots for europe´s most important market. Until 2011 I worked on and off for their LA and London offices as the Lead German Creative. Since 2012 I´m working for Apple directly as one of a handful of Creative Directors, localizing pretty much every marketing material including all their websites as well as working on about a product launch per year on site in Cupertino. Now unfortunately I´m not allowed to showcase my work for Apple but if you visit you´ll find a good chunk of things that I did.


mediartslab, Apple Inc.

My role

Writer, CD